The competition is open to any dog residing in the Western Cape. You can enter on behalf of each dog within your home, so a 3-dog-household can enter 3 times - once for each canine.

The completion will run until 30th April 2015, with the winner being drawn on Friday 1st May.

The competition will be run as a simple lucky-draw. Each entry with be put on a list, the list will then be triplicated, thus each dog’s name will thus appear 3 times.

If ‘Bob’ is thus the 5th dog that is entered and there are 80 entries, Bob’s name will thus be 5th, 85th and 165th. An external person (who neither works at, nor knows any clients of Canine Crèche, has not entered the competition, and has not seen the list) will then randomly select a number from 1 to the total number of entries after triplication, and the dog’s name that corresponds with that number shall be declared the winner.

In the event the winner’s owner cannot be contacted by the end of day Monday 4th May, another random entry number will be drawn/selected on Tuesday 5th May. 

List of the 6 (six) products in the hamper to be won:  

       1 unit Ricky Litchfield Good Dog Treats

       1 unit Ricky Litchfield Anti-Inflammatory Capsules 90s

       1 unit Ricky Litchfield Topical Gel

       1 unit Ricky Litchfield Hot Spot Spray

       1 unit Ricky Litchfield Shampoo

       1 unit Ricky Litchfield Smart Health Supplement

Competition Rules

1.      Anyone who owns a dog and resides in the Western Cape can enter on their dog(s) behalf, barring all Canine Crèche employees, their family and friends.

2.      Only one entry per dog will be allowed and if more are received only the first entry will be counted.

3.      Participants in the competition acknowledge that, should they win, they must be able to collect the hamper from Canine Crèche.



1.      Please Note: The hamper is not identical to the picture displayed on the competition website page and/or in other advertising materials, including newsletters. Hamper picture shows 2 anti-inflammatory bottles, whereas the actual hamper only has the 1 unit containing 90 capsules. Flavours of biscuits and other products may also differ.

2.      Sample biscuits and the hamper are provided by Ricky Litchfield and Canine Crèche cannot be held liable for these products and/or the use of such products.

3.      Ricky Litchfield will be given the competition entry forms after a winner has been drawn and by entering you thus understand that your details, as entered for the competition, can/will be used by them for statistical purposes and to provide you with product information should you check the box requesting it.