2019 Charity Calendar

Whenever we can, we as the Canine Creche Family (clients and staff), try to help support animals that are in need, by supporting animal shelters.

The Change For The Better Foundation are a non-profit animal shelter in Kraaifontein and while the dedication and pure hard work – blood, sweat and tears - shown by the staff is inspiration enough for us to want to help them, they have even greater need of help this year as they are about to lose their home on the farm they are renting. 

They have until the end of December to raise enough funds to make an offer on the farm or the 250 animals currently sheltered there will once again be homeless, not to mention the impact on the community and future cost to all the animals that could have been helped. They are of course running a Buy-A-Brick funding raising campaign but they need all the help they can get.

The dogs in our daycare have taking time out of play schedules to help us create 2 x 2019 Calendars, 1 featuring all of our big kids and other 1 all of our smaller kids. All of the profits from the sale of these calendars goes to the Change For The Better Foundation.

With the Canine Creche clients' help we have already sold almost 200 calendars but the more we sell the more money we can raise to help save a truly worth NPO, so are asking for the public's help.


Calendars are R150.00 each and available from:

  • Canine Creche – 111 Uys Krige Drive, Plattekloof 1
  • Vet Select – Spar Centre, Plattekloof Road, Plattekloof 3
  • The Village Vet Shop – Plattekloof Village Shopping Centre, Plattekloof Road



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