We’ve shared many stories over the last few weeks of our furry kids’ winter bedroom antics – sneaking into our beds despite having their own, our kids’ discovering the joy and warmth of an electric blanket and then hogging it, squeezing between two parents and then spreading out as far as possible, not to mention the snoring and breaking-wind. 

We love them though, beyond measure, and provide the best environment we can – sometime to the point where friends and family think we are just a little bit crazy.

Sadly, in this cold and rainy winter many furry babies don’t have parents to keep them safe and warm, or those that do have, don’t treat them with the love and respect they should be getting. Some, have parents who love them to bits, but simply cannot afford the medical treatment they suddenly need – which must be every parents’ worse nightmare. The Animal Anti-Cruelty League Cape Town helps with all of that.

Monday 18th July is Nelson Mandela Day. He served for 67 years and in lieu of Nelson Mandela Day and the amazing work the Animal Anti-Cruelty League does daily, we need your help in collecting 67 tins of dog food.

These will be delivered to the Cape Town Animal Anti-Cruelty League on Mandela Day, from all of us at the Canine Creche Family.

Together, let us help them continue the wonderful work they are doing and make sure a few other furry canine kids get a good meal this winter.

18 July 2016

A HUGE thank you to everyone who helped with the food collection for the Animal Anti-Cruelty League Cape Town! We ended up collecting a whopping 252 tins, as well as several bags of kibble and blankets.

The response was amazing and truly touching to see. We were excited at the end of day 1 when we'd already collected 29 tins, and they kept coming in! By day 2 we'd exceeded the 67 we'd hoped for, and so started aiming for 67 per branch (there is 1 in Epping, and 1 in Bellville). The photos were taken at 13:00 yesterday, just before we loaded it all up and delivered it to the Animal Anti-Cruelty League in Epping. They will divide it between themsleves and the Bellville branch.