Our Mission

Canine Creche is a second home for your dog or puppy, and pet care you can trust.

Situated in Plattekloof, Cape Town, as fellow believers that our pets are part of our family, our mission is to safe guard yours when you cannot be there.

We are devoted to providing a safe environment for your dog, regardless of breed, age and energy-level and to ensure he/she gets the individual care, attention and exercise needed. Reports and health & safety reminders will give you peace of mind and our care will allow you to pick-up a well entertained, thus tired, dog who is happy to see you, just because it’s you.

Starting with a dog daycare and later planning to expand to include training classes, grooming, high quality foods and boarding kennels, you can trust Canine Creche to take care of your pet, and all of your pet’s needs.

Canine Creche – Welcoming you to our family.


Why Get Daycare?

If you are browsing for doggy daycare then clearly you are worried about what effect being left alone has on your dog(s). Do not worry, you are most certainly not alone in your concerns. Multiple articles have been written on the subject of dog depression caused by separation anxiety, and dog daycare and pet-sitter services are becoming more prominent all over the world.

While different dogs have different energy outlet requirements, even if you have a low-level energy dog or a sizeable backyard, the lack of company alone can create a neurotic, destructive and generally miserable pooch.

We also know how hard it is to work a full day and still ensure your pup gets the exercise he/she needs, and to keep track of vaccination dates and tick and flea prevention schedules.

What you need is for someone to handle that for you, and to ensure that once you are done with your long work day that you have a well-balanced, thoroughly exercised dog who is happy to see you, just because it’s you.